Exhibitors/Partners e-accréditations: 


The marketing team has created a new e-mailing template to enable you to send customized e-accreditations to your customers and prospects.

If you want to send this e-accreditation to all your contacts, connect you to your exhibitors intranet with your loginsand password. Then, go to the ACRREDITATION / E-ACCREDITATION section where all the step to send the e-accreditation is explained. 



This will allow you to send freely a large number of customized e-accreditations. This new e-accreditation is even more simple to use and we garantuee you total security for your contacts file. This is the occasion to invte your contacts in 3 clicks. You do not have deadline to use this communication tool.


To reach the exhibitor's / partner's space, click to the link below:  



>> Do not hesitate to contact Fabien CREZE (01 41 18 60 94 or at fcreze@weyou-group.com) if you need help or advices on this subject.