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Wednesday 28 March 2018

09H45 à 10H30

What is the real place of events in the global communication strategies of companies?

« Event management holds a strategic position in the communication of companies ... » is often heard and for a long time among actors of the event sector. Yet, while investment ...

Intervenants :

Saida GROSVALET, Head of Marketing et Communications, AEW Europe

Alain BERRY, Directeur de la communication, ORANGE CLOUD FOR BUSINESS

Patrice BEGAY, Directeur Exécutif, Direction de la Communication, BPI France et BPI Excellence

14H00 à 15H00

Do scenographies, techniques and audiovisual technologies become luxury products ?

In recent years, the live show, concerts in mind, experiencing a revival scenographic carried by audiovisual techniques. Inspired by this trend, event-driven techniques related ...

Intervenants :

Thomas MENGUY, Directeur commercial, NOVELTY

Christophe COUSIN, Président, WIN WIN

Daniel DOMERGUE, Président, Narrative

Alexis DEVILLERS, PDG, Alive Groupe

17H00 à 19H00

Signature du contrat de filière Tourisme d’affaires et de congrès - sponsorisé par PCE

19H00 à 19H45

Pitch in 7 seconds without forgetting the essential - Sponsorisé par Formation-Conferencier

Develop the skills to structure a Killer Elevator Pitch ! Do you need to make business presentations and get hight impact ? Do you whant to be memorable and learn how to get ...

Intervenant :

Christine MORLET, Conférencière,

Thursday 29 March 2018

09H45 à 10H30

Data in events: challenges and perspectives

Thanks to the digital revolution and social networks, events can collect valuable information about the invited audience. With the implementation of appropriate tools, we can ...

Intervenants :

Arnaud PEYROLES, Président, IDEACTIF

Richad MITHA, Co-Fondateur et CEO, EVENTDRIVE

Thomas RODIER, Brand Experience, Events, Partnership & Motor Shows Manager, NISSAN EUROPE

Kamil BENJELLOUN, Co-fondateur et CEO , Event Catalyst

11H00 à 12H00

Press conference: Cannes 360

Cannes has set the year 2018 under the banner of digital innovation. By launching the application 'Cannes 360', its Palais des Festivals and Congresses offers a unique new tool ...

14H00 à 15H00

Conference LÉVÉNEMENT : THE ESSENTIAL or how to foster a win-win advertising agency relationship

Intervenants :

Stéphane ABITBOL, Administrateur et co-pilote, Chantier Relation Annonceur – Agence

Vincent DUMONT, Co-pilote, Chantier Relation Annonceur – Agence