Heavent Meetings Cannes : 26, 27 & 28 Mars 2019

The HEAVENT MEETINGS trade fair provides venue/hotel managers and event service providers with a unique opportunity to meet major decision-makers and purchasers through pre- scheduled meetings.

In today's difficult economic climate, HEAVENT MEETINGS provides a unique platform to leverage your business development through high-added value meetings and immediate business opportunities.

HEAVENT MEETINGS invites 500 Top Decision-makers from France and Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, etc.), based on our proven and successful formula.


HEAVENT MEETINGS in a nutshell:


500 Top Decision-makers invited (all expenses paid: transport, accommodation, meals).










> 9,000 pre-scheduled meetings and 860 pre-scheduled business lunches

o   100% event industry buyers

o    Decision-makers with short and medium term projects

o    Companies, Event agencies and Project Managers

o    Meetings qualified and approved jointly (decision-makers and exhibitors) 


> Decision-makers qualification

o  A dedicated team for recruitment and management of decision-makers 

o  Selection of key project decision-makers 

o  Decision-makers commitment by contract 

o  Controlling of the Decision-Makers appointment's attendance 


> Networking throughout the say 

o    On your booth

o    In the VIP Club

o    During the first networking reception

o    During the gala reception and awards ceremony



> 13 years of the Heavent Awards

that reward the most beautiful events of 2018 in a ceremony involving the entire profession