Heavent Meetings Cannes : 20, 21 & 22 Avril 2020 !





Monday 20th April 2020 – Welcome Cocktail

A welcome cocktail so that all participants at Heavent Meetings can meet.



Tuesday 21th April 2020 – Networking Cocktail

A networking cocktail, in Cannes, to find the contacts met during the day in a friendly setting.



Wednesday 22th April 2020 – HEAVENT AWARDS ceremony

The entire area comes together to celebrate the most memorable events of the year in the grand auditorium of the Palais des Festivals.





We remind you that a visitor accreditation allows you to access only the show on Tuesday 21th and Wednesday 22th April 2020.


Evenings being strictly private, they are accessible only to "top decision-makers" and "exhibitors".


If you want to be present during the evenings on Monday 20th, Tuesday 21th and Wednesday 22th April, a "3 evening pass" is proposed at the price of 2 500€ HT. Please contact Arnaud Faucher at the following address for all reservations: afaucher@weyou-group.com