Heavent Meetings Cannes : 26, 27 & 28 Mars 2019

Find the right destination for your event!

Le 27/03/2019 de 19H00 à 19H45

The organiser, before any other partner (place, agency or service providers...), chooses a destination for its event. If the city centres of large cities, very accessible, remain popular, 'rare pearl' destinations can emerge... with often authentic and surprising unusual places. How does an organizer choose his destination? What are the criteria to which it is sensitive? How should territories market their offer and work on their attractiveness? What is the place of atypical places ?

Speakers :

Barbara JAMISON, Head of Business Development Europe, London and Partners

Erwan JOUËT, Directeur du développement Events, Châteauform'

Samira DJAADAOUI, Directrice des Opérations France, Banks Sadler (American Express GBT)

Sandrine CAMIA, Deputy Général Manager, Direction du Tourisme et des Congrès de Monaco