Heavent Meetings Cannes : 26, 27 & 28 Mars 2019

Wednesday 27 March 2019

10H00 à 11H00

When the event sells....

An event also serves to boost sales and create new opportunities for consumption. There have never been so many ephemeral stores, winter or summer tours, special operations, ...

Intervenants :

Gilles POUSSIER, Fondateur, Co-Dirigeant, Gens d'Événement

Pascal PERRINELLE, Managing Director, TRO Paris (Omnicom Group)

Catherine PROMPICAI, Marketing and Brand Manager, TRIUMPH

15H45 à 16H30

How can participants be more involved in an event?

Digital, collaborative and audiovisual revolutions are shaking up the formats and content of events. New forms of interaction have emerged and the participant/visitor/guest no ...

Intervenants :

Bertrand CHEYROU, Président, Campus Capgemini Les Fontaines

Pierre RAMON, Account Manager, Globecast

Thomas PIQUEREL, Executive Vice President, Creative Spirit

19H00 à 19H45

Find the right destination for your event!

The organiser, before any other partner (place, agency or service providers...), chooses a destination for its event. If the city centres of large cities, very accessible, ...

Intervenants :

Barbara JAMISON, Head of Business Development Europe, London and Partners

Erwan JOUËT, Directeur du développement Events, Châteauform'

Samira DJAADAOUI, Directrice des Opérations France, Banks Sadler (American Express GBT)

Sandrine CAMIA, Deputy Général Manager, Direction du Tourisme et des Congrès de Monaco

Thursday 28 March 2019

10H00 à 10H15

Eléonore Balensi interviews Jon Shaw, Head of Marketing Communications, Huawei UK and Australia to know his first impressions after the launch Huawei P30 staged in Paris 26 March 2019

10H15 à 10H30

Key note Eeva Ignatius, Global Marketing Manager, Hartwall Oy

Brand experience through live communication

14H15 à 14H45

KEYNOTE Bonny Shapira Leader CISCOLIVE : Focus on technology: key element of an event to intensify customer engagement and loyalty

What a brand looks like is no longer the most important. It’s how it makes people feel. Through this attachment, they become loyal to a brand. What are the solutions to ...

Intervenant :

Bonny SHAPIRA, Leader, CiscoLive EMEA

14H45 à 15H15

NEW: An inspiring round table discussion with international events organiser

It's no longer the most important what a brand looks like, but how it makes people feel. Through this attachment they become loyal to a brand.

Animateur :

Eléonore BALENSI, Animatrice,

Intervenants :

Jon SHAW, Head of Marketing Communications UK and Australia, Huawei Technologies

Valérie THIELEMANS, Marketing Event Manager, ORANGE Belgium

Bonny SHAPIRA, Leader, CiscoLive EMEA

Magali MERINDOL, Senior Communications Advisor, XYNTEO